Nearly everything that can be made can be made of hemp material.  USHB actively markets raw hemp materials from genetics, like our Panakea genetic to hemp hurd, fiber, and grain.  We market packaged hemp material like animal bedding, protein, and hemp sugars by the pallet, by the ton, and by the container.  Emerging hemp industries we serve include hemp building, hemp plastics, and hemp wood and we tie together the leaders in these valuable hemp sectors. The US Hemp Brokerage LLC is a trusted resource for anyone with an interest in industrial hemp materials.  As veterans in the early development of the hemp industry, and with hemp roots in hemp growing and processing industrial hemp in Colorado, our hemp materials team delivers very high quality and comprehensive consulting services as well as commodity-level trades of non-cannabinoid hemp materials.

Our experience and expertise across each of our four major hemp supply chain divisions provide unparalleled access to leading industrial hemp material suppliers.  Our sales paths include sourcing genetics, growing, harvesting, and processing industrial hemp to finished industrial and consumer products made with hemp, which we physically represent to retailers across the country.  It is our honor to be regarded as one of the leading hemp brands and one which exclusively represents other leading hemp brands in the US.

Indeed, we mostly see the world as the United Hemp States of America, which to us represents more than just our country’s most foundational, sustainable, and valuable crop, but it also represents the hope and delivers the wisdom we must continuously impart through our work in hemp materials.  Collectively, our work in hemp material markets can make a major impact on the shift from a fossil-fuel-based economy to a bio-based economy.  Certainly, there is ample evidence of both the need for this shift and our longstanding involvement in the shift.

Truly, we have already made a very significant impact by manufacturing, marketing, and selling industrial hemp material of all kinds.  However, we are still very early in what has turned into a very vibrant industrial hemp materials market.  It turns out that amazing breakaway hemp states like Kansas and Montana marketing and sales are our main jam.  We love to work with fiber and grain growers and processors, and we earn our livelihoods in part by successfully connecting and physically transacting programs for those who provide hemp supply to those who demand hemp. We are some of the most passionate hemp operators around and we have invested heavily, and in some cases extensively underwritten many successful hemp programs.

Our firm is known to be one that is populated by fair-minded and helpful hemp professionals who do not pressure clients, vendors, and partners.  Our firm is also highly selective with materials partners and the brands that we represent and this provides the market advantage that translates into transactional opportunities of magnitude for our partners.

Since we always try to do what we say we require the same commitment from our partners.  This is partly the special sauce that has people throughout the hemp industry blessing us with their partnership and providing ongoing support of the hemp materials initiatives in which we engage.

In the event that we engage you either as a buyer or supplier, you can expect to interact with other leaders in hemp supply chain management and material systems design.  While we enjoy being deeply connected operators and purveyors of industrial hemp, we also know that each day it is more important to learn about industrial hemp and its uses than it is to brag about any of our own accomplishments.  

You will see that our commitment to hemp material innovations and our keen eye on high-quality service is matched by our commitment to professional corporate communications.  Our objective is professionally and transparently market and sell industrial hemp material.  This is consistent with our mission of replacing non-hemp material with hemp material with the aim of converting as much industrial hemp as humanly possible.  By supporting hemp material markets that range from hemp ethanol to hemp animal bedding to hemp textiles, the US Hemp Brokerage is actively engaged in sales brokerage services.   and reinforced by the strategic partnerships that we establish on behalf of hemp farmers, hemp processors, and hemp manufacturers of intermediate and consumer products made from industrial hemp. 

Our team members and partners are among the most well-established and highly regarded industrial hemp professionals.  The US Hemp Brokerage is known very well for its leadership and its exceptionally successful hemp programs which include hemp fiber and hemp grain programs that include hemp pulp and paper, hemp animal bedding, organic hemp seed oil, hemp alcohol, hemp sugar, hemp lignin, hemp textiles, hemp clothing, hemp furniture and commercial hemp material for sale throughout the emerging industrial supply chain.

The most important thing that we can do in support of hemp markets is to support hemp fiber and hemp grain markets.  The domestic hemp market is expanding rapidly.  There have now been billions of dollars invested into industrial hemp and the US Hemp Brokerage is seeking medium to large scale hemp material and hemp manufacturing partnerships and contributors.  We quickly identify talented hemp hearts and we invite collaboration with our well-established success record on pivotal hemp programs.  With sincere intentions of positive hemp outcomes, we align with our customers and the public based on our values in our relationships.  In many cases, we are connecting some of the first dots in the hemp materials supply chain.

Our hemp farmer, hemp retailer, hemp processor, and hemp manufacturing partners have repeatedly been the first companies to innovate and bring non-cannabinoid hemp materials to market and to provide consistent value-added services such as the conversion of xylose sugar from hemp into healthy and sustainable xylitol, which is unsustainably harvested from the Birch tree today.  We have engaged in a highly successful hemp beer program, where we even hopped our own beers and supported a license for an international client.  Naturally, we have deep hemp roots in cannabinoid extraction markets, but our Hemp Materials Division exclusively engages with NON-Cannabinoid programs. 

If you are seeking any service or partnership with US Hemp Brokerage that involves any hemp-derived cannabinoid products, please go to our Hemp Division by clicking this link.

Please continue reading if your primary interest is in hemp fiber or hemp grain and providing materials to the hemp processing and hemp consumer markets.

Our Hemp Materials Division stalks and cannabinoids, we are available to advise and arrange for raw, lightly processed, and fully processed for end users.  

We sell a wide range of packaged hemp materials and unpackaged (raw) hemp materials which are sourced from leading suppliers around the country.  Our raw fiber sizes range from mere microns to full hemp stalks that are dried and used in our hemp furniture products as well as sold to manufacturers and hemp resellers.. 

We have strategic partnerships that include intermediary processing like drying, threshing, and decortication.  You may find some of our hemp fiber material in restaurants, bedrooms, and bathrooms in homes and offices from Tampa to Tacoma and New Mexico to New York.  We are located in the middle, in Boulder County, which is where we have grown our own hemp and where we have operated hemp businesses for the last eight years.  

In many ways, the US Hemp Brokerage is a consortium of hemp farmers, hemp processors, and hemp brand experts.  Our relationships are exceedingly meaningful and we bring together many of the leading industrial hemp sectors which are what you find represented in our hemp materials portfolio of suppliers and brands. We actively engage in programs that include sending hemp fiber into the hemp bioplastics supply chain.  Ultimately, these materials are converted into items such as hemp plastic frisbees to hemp plastic kayaks, and even into programs such as indoor rock-climbing holds and chucks.  There are just so many things that can be made with hemp materials which are marketed and sold by the US Hemp Brokerage.

Our primary strategic partners include PureHemp Technology, iHemp Manufacturing, Hemp Engineering Manufacturing Partners, iHemp Michigan, Bazelet Americas.